Wide Awake in Hong Kong | USDemocrazy

Another day, another protest . Yawn.   That is So last January . 

But, if something as trite as the future of China grabs your attention, Democrazy has your back. We've compiled a handy list of what to know about the protest movement in Hong Kong :

What do they want?

The protesters want full democracy and greater autonomy from the centralized Chinese government. 

British colonial authorities granted control of Hong Kong to China in 1997. China agreed that Hong Kong could directly elect its own chief executive by 2017. 

Recently, however, the Chinese government declared that Hong Kong voters could only choose their chief executive from a handful of candidates pre-approved by China.

The protestors want completely open elections. 

To this end, many are calling for current chief executive of Hong Kong, CY Leung, to resign. 

How are they trying to get it?

Unlike their counterparts in the rest of China, citizens of Hong Kong have the right to peaceful protest.

Students are boycotting classes and tens of thousands of people are marching in the streets. 

So far, police response has been measured. However, fearing surveillance, many protestors are using app FireChat to communicate without cell or wireless network. 

When did this start?

Students began boycotting classes on September 22, and street protests  have steadily escalated for the last week. 

How will it end?

For now, protesters are determined to continue, and the government is biding its time . No sign of change is forthcoming from China.

Assuming you're not snoozing yet ( and this is worth keeping an eye on), it might be worth following the a  live feed .

This live feed could get pretty lively in the days ahead.