Who’s the Bigger Bully? | USDemocrazy

October was #NationalBullyingPreventionMonth. As the month wrapped up, it seemed the U.N. General Assembly wanted to send a message.

In a vote of 188 to 2, the U.N. voted against the U.S. trade embargo on Cuba for the 22nd year in a row.  

Only the U.S. and Israel said nay this year. The over 50 year embargo will likely continue since the U.N.'s vote is only symbolic.

Critics say hey, this has got to end. The U.S. trades with plenty of suspicious players, and the small island hasn't been a real threat since the Cuban Missile Crisis. The total cost to the island has been estimated to be $1.126 trillion.

Supporters of the embargo say Castro and his brother are bullies themselves. Cuba does have a considerable number of political prisoners , those who have spoken out against the revolution. The government also controls the media and prohibits access to the Internet.

Then again, we trade with China and many others who don't have the best record with political freedom. 

The rest of the world clearly seems to think our stance is a bit silly.

Are we being a stubborn bully or a steadfast defender of our values? Tell us what you think!