We got Only 86 Years and Counting… | USDemocrazy


According to a recent UN report that is the year we must end greenhouse gas emissions... Or else!

Or Else?

Or else we suffer irreversible consequences. Agriculturally devastating monsoons and the engulfment of coastal cities are just two of the possible repercussions.

 Is there any way to stop this terrible tumble of torrid terra?

 Geoengineering has some answers. There are scientists who are seeking to use the Earth’s interior and natural processes to work against environmental threats.

 Olivine is one such resource.

Olivine is a green subsurface mineral resembling kryptonite that absorbs carbon dioxide when exposed to the elements.

Geochemist Olaf Schuiling seeks to spread Olivine crystals on our beaches and parks to save the planet like a modern day Johnny Appleseed.  

Other ideas include creating a natural shield against overheating atmosphere using our oceans as water guns.  The idea is to spray large amounts of seawater or present reflective droplets to the stratosphere which could block more of the sun’s heat.

Alternative energy is also a partial remedy. Denmark just announced that it plans to go 100 percent renewable by 2050. While Germany follows close behind hoping to reach 30 percent renewability by the end of this year. Both countries using wind and solar power as their main course of attack spending billions of dollars on each.

 These are big picture ideas. Is big thinking what we need?

Some argue that geoengineering solutions distract attention from more plausible efforts to combat this global warming crisis.  The time is ticking.

 Are we thinking too big? Or maybe we're just day dreaming.

Should we ponder a little longer before we hurl our precious resources at these alternative solutions?

Better not ponder too long...  We have 86 years…