The “Indentured Servitude” of College Athletes | USDemocrazy

When you think of the exploited, who comes to mind? A fast-food worker, maybe a person working in a clothing factory overseas?

Most people would never think of the college athlete. There are the scholarships, personal trainers and advisors, and the "perks" (like all those free snacks ) that come with the deal to play. 

We touched on the pay-to-play debate last year. One of basketball's most iconic is now voicing his experience. Check out Kareem Abdul Jabbar's short essay  on Jacobin explaining the struggles of college athletes. He also wrote a piece for Time earlier this year.

Several convincing points include the rule that athletes cannot earn extra money beyond the scholarship, the limited use of scholarship money, and the jeopardy of scholarships. 

Does Kareem know best? He did, after all, play the game.