The Debate of Death with Dignity | USDemocrazy

If you've scrolled through your Facebook feed, you've undoubtedly seen posts about Brittany Maynard , the brave young women who ended her life last Saturday. 

The circumstances surrounding her death are devastating, and have stirred a nationwide response.

This spring, 29-year-old Brittany was diagnosed with a form of terminal brain cancer,  glioblastoma multiforme .

In April, Brittany's oncologist told her she had six months to live. Using Oregon's Death with Dignity Law , Brittany made a plan to end her life surrounded by friends and family including her new husband. 

The Death With Dignity law required Brittany to administer the drugs herself as prescribed by her physician. Alan Meisel, a bioethicist at the University of Pittsburgh, states this policy as "buying an insurance policy against a miserable death". Read Brittany's personal essay on CNN here. 

While the laws and decisions are controversial, everyone deserve a painless death. Share your thoughts below.