Talk about Nauseating… | USDemocrazy

Well, this might take awhile to live down.

As it turns out, Thomas Duncan, now the first man in the U.S. with the Ebola virus, could've been isolated and treated by a Dallas hospital much sooner...

...if not for a computer glitch.

Despite telling a nurse that he had recently been in West Africa, Duncan was released on Sept. 25 due to an error in his electronic health record (EHR) . The error in question prevented attending physicians from seeing his travel history before attending to him.

Which meant that they wouldn't have known to look out for signs of the virus. Which meant that they had no reason keep him contained.

All of which allowed him to go back out into America's ninth-most populated city, with a devastating virus in tow.

Of course, the hospital isn't the only one having a rough few days.

Not only is Duncan is serious condition, he's now facing prosecution from his home-country of Liberia. They allege that Duncan lied about coming into contact with the virus in a Liberian airport.

Hey, to forgive is divine, right?