Social Media Goes Medical | USDemocrazy

"Hmm... I've never seen symptoms like this before. Let me just post a pic to my app and I'll have a diagnosis for you in 24 hours."

Well... after all that schooling, even the medical professionals can still be stumped from time to time.

That's why one app developer created a platform where doctors can get the skinny on those oddball tricky cases. Figure 1 has been dubbed the  "Instagram for Doctors."  And it's had considerable success.

Here's how it works: 

If a patient walks in with an unfamiliar condition, the doctor can post a picture of the condition to Figure 1. The doctor must ask permission first and the picture has to be vague enough that privacy is protected. Then, doctors from around the world with the app can comment to diagnosis the mystery illness. 

If you're not a doctor you can download the app, but you won't be able to comment (which is probably a good thing).

Some doctors have admitted - it's their new work-related guilty pleasure. Let's just hope things stay professional. We don't want our doctors doing it for the Vine.