Sinking Misfortunes | USDemocrazy

The future appears very bleak for disgraced ferry-boat Captain, Lee Joon-seok.

After surviving the  tragic sinking of the large ferry-boat "Sewol" in April , Cpt. Joon-seok was soon arrested and incarcerated by South Korean authorities.

Charged with "homicide through gross negligence", Cpt. Joon-seok must now answer for his misdeeds.

He allegedly instructed passengers to remain in their cabins before HE  abandoned ship--an act which would leave the Captain responsible for the deaths of about 300 high-school students, staff, and teachers. On October 27th, Korean prosecutors announced they will seek to sentence Joon-seok to death for his alleged crimes.

There is currently a moratorium on use of the death penalty... but that may soon change.

In recent years, the conviction of particularly heinous South Korean criminals has sparked calls to end the moratorium and recommence capital execution .

The world will wait with bated breath, to see if Captain Lee Joon-seok's trial will finally capsize South Korea's 17-year-old moratorium on capital punishment.