Old-School verse New-School | USDemocrazy

For many people, especially young adults and teens,  owning the newest gadget is the embodiment of cool.

The newest phone is cool, the newest tablet is cool , the newest train is cool....train? 

Recently, transit Agencies have been spending large amounts of money (think billions) to revamp the US public transportation system to attract more commuters to use their services.

If you are thinking buses are getting the largest haul of the investment, you'd be wrong. These billions are going into building and setting up new railroad lines. 

This is odd as there are no special benefits to trains over buses. The trains take the same time, if not more, and go to the same destination as buses. But agencies are forking over cash because consumers perceive trains as being "sexier" modes of transportation. 

But remember when your mom secretly put spinach in your pasta to trick you into eating it? Transit agencies could pull this same move. They could spend a fraction of the money on revamping the experience of riding buses, through upgraded vehicles and better marketing.

The end result would be a more convenient and cheaper public transportation option.  And as many young students know, cheaper is sometimes cooler as well.