Oh Christmas Tree! How Lovely is thy Roadtrip! | USDemocrazy

Diwali is over, Halloween and All Saint's Day passed, Guy Fawkes Day came and went....

That means it's almost Christmas, right?  

Actually, you're a little behind schedule. The Capitol Christmas Tree began its march towards Washington DC on October 29.

On that day, the 88 foot tall white spruce left its stomping (err...rooting) grounds in Chippewa National Forest, serenaded by a group of young men from the local Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe . 

So far, the woody celebrity has greeted fans in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Before settling into Washington DC, it will make additional stops in Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, and Maryland. 

Feel needled that a tree is getting more holiday travel than you? 

Well, yeah, so do we. But if you want to live vicariously through our photosynthesizing friend, you can follow the journey on the Capitol Christmas Tree blog.