More White is the New White | USDemocrazy

Art often thought of as mankind's pursuit of visual and expressive objectivity.

But it appears not all of mankind gets to do the pursuing...

A new study has found that Race seems to be the determining factor as to whether you will become an artist who can make a living from your work.

According to the research an overwhelming majority of people who identify with the art profession (artist, writer, author, musician, singer, fine artist, photographer, producer, actor, director, filmmaker and editor, entertainer, performer, dancer, and choreographer) are white, 77.6% to be exact.

The study goes on to reveal that this trend is also true in the percentage of art school graduates,

“A solid 80.8% of this population is white, while 4.4% is black, 7.0% is Asian and 5.7% is Hispanic. Of art school graduates who make a living from their work, 83% are white.”

The report, titled “Artists Report Back” , juxtaposes the data of art graduates to its proportionality of race within the United States population.

The population of arts graduates and working artists is not representative of our country. The population of the United States is 63 percent White, non-Hispanic, but 81 percent of arts graduates are White, non-Hispanic.

These statistics, while providing a reasonable degree of knowledge of art and population, seem to raise more questions than they answer:

What is the cause of this lack of racial diversity among artists?

Is this just another case that proves we have yet to move into a post-racial America?

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