Grammys Get Gutsy | USDemocrazy
  "Like books and black lives, albums still matter." Prince spoke these words as he introduced the Album of the Year award at this year's Grammys. For a show that typically thrives on a healthy amount of scandal, the theme of the night was more like a solemn call to social justice than everyone berating Kanye (sure, he did do this , but for Kanye that's pretty tame.)  

The usual suspects like Katy Perry were there, but instead of dancing next to left shark , she delivered a somber performance for victims of domestic violence. Before her, Brooke Axtell , a survivor, spoke about her experience. The segment started off with President Obama calling on musicians to use their gifts to bring light to the issue.

And yes there were the predictable arguments about snubs (Twitter asked - Who is Beck?). But it also seemed as if there was some deliberate planning to give credit where it's due.

Following the omission of Ava DuVernay's critically acclaimed Selma  in the Acting and Directing categories at the upcoming Oscars, the Grammys did not avoid the "Black Lives Matter" movement or the timely lessons and reminders the film offers us.

Beyoncé closed the show by covering "Take My Hand Precious Lord" by legendary gospel singer Mahalia Jackson, who was portrayed by Ledisi in the film. John Legend and Common followed with their song "Glory" from the soundtrack. 

In the film Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his allies move from one battleground to the next in order to gain achievements. It seemed like the theme of the this year's Grammys was that music has the power to uplift us and motivate us, to inspire us to continue to push forward whether we are walking in the streets of Ferguson against systematic racism or working to change a society that often tries to ignore and justify the horrible realities of domestic violence.