Bring On The Spring! | USDemocrazy

Southbound I-95 shut down Saturday afternoon, because there were so many disabled vehicles in the roadway that the plows couldn't get through.

Just another week of Maryland weather.

Last Thursday, the Baltimore area saw record-setting cold . Thursday morning’s wind chill of ten degrees below zero cut through all. Thursday’s high of 18 degrees broke a 1903 record for the coldest day on record.

Then on Saturday, a snowstorm swept across the area. Over 1,500 flights were cancelled in the Baltimore-Washington area, as six inches of snow fell. I-95 and dozens of other roads closed, as hundreds of motorists left their disabled vehicles on snowy hills.

Just another wild week in a winter that has brought UMBC five school delays and one closing, according to UMBC Police Chief Paul Dillon.

Even more bad news: Phil saw his shadow this year, so we still have almost a month more of winter.

One day, the cold will end.