Celebrate What? | USDemocrazy

In the face of discrimination, the ethnic group  rallied around its most famous historic member , indirectly prompting the creation of a federal holiday. 

The group?  Italian Americans.

The holiday? Columbus day. 

Now, some areas are replacing Columbus's day with one honoring the indigenous people of North America. The city of Seattle is the latest to make the move, following Berkeley, Minneapolis, South Dakota, and Hawaii. (Alaska doesn't celebrate the day at all).

The truth is, Columbus's reputation is mixed as best.

Not only did the explorer accidentally end up in the Caribbean while trying to find India, his actions in the New World primarily involved enslaving and killing the locals as well as plundering their land. These atrocities set the stage for centuries of exploitation and even genocide across the Americas.

Hence, Indigenous People's Day.   

According to Seattle City Council member  Kshama Sawant:

" This is about taking a stand against racism and discrimination. "

Live in a place that doesn't celebrate Indigenous People's Day?

Don't worry, we have you covered. These Columbus Day  e-cards from the Indian Country Media Network are the perfect way to enjoy the holiday .