BREAKING: Congress Actually Does Something | USDemocrazy
Gridlock. Ineffective. Disagreement. Inaction. Unpopular. Sounds like Congress to me! 

However on Wednesday after a flying pig sighting and a freezing temperatures in hell reported, Congress quickly agreed on something: we don't like Nazis. 

In unusually quick speed, Senate agreed on legislation to prevent Nazi war criminals who have left the U.S. from receiving Social Security checks. Millions of dollars have been reported to gone to suspected Nazi war criminals who have fled the U.S. This comes after an Associated Press investigation. 

The legislation is not so creatively named "No Social Security for Nazis Act". And come on, you could disagree with that? The legislation is planned to pass before the end of the year. 

So whenever you're feeling down about the political climate in D.C, at least we can come together and fight the Nazis.