Are we all Wednesday Addams? | USDemocrazy
Who needs to take a philosophy course when you can learn life lessons from Wednesday Addams?

Everyone is destined to die alone . Unless you and your husband perish, holding hands, in a fiery plane crash (the odds of which are 27 million to one) every single person on this big blue earth will die alone. And it is that singular commonality that brings us all together.

The web series Adult Wednesday Addams is winning a special place in our hearts this week as we witness her exploits into independence which both mirror -and contrast- our own lives and internal monologues.

She says the things we are too scared to say and she says things that are utterly and wildly inappropriate  (that we also would love to say sometimes).  

Perhaps more importantly, it inspires the audience to think -and not just in terms of our own mortality. Wednesday Addams is not necessarily a nice person. But she's not a bad one either. Like the original comics that she hails from, Wednesday serves as a juxtaposition between "normal"  and contained society versus the fascination with the morbid that we are taught to hide at a young age.

If Satan is providing me a dose of Plan B, he has really lost his edge.

The creator of the Web Series is Melissa Hunter , who like many, was enamored by the graceful macabre of the Addams family. She was surprised by the ongoing appeal of the Addams legacy stating in an interview

"A few teenagers have told me that they love Wednesday because it makes them feel less lonely as a social outcast. That means everything to me."

So take a step back to your parents childhood.  Take some interview tips , learn how to drive (and stalk your prey ), and maybe hiss back at catcalls . Watch the episodes here  and tell us what you think? Is Hunter's idea a hit or miss?

[The monsters] prey on only the most evil humans of our society; domestic abusers, serial killers, congressmen...the dirtier the blood the more he craves it. And you? You are completely and utterly inconsequential. Contrary to depictions in movies and books, monsters don't prey on boring children. Real monsters, prey on real monsters... as long as you never become a monster, you never have to fear monsters . Just remember: you completely and utterly do not matter.