Who the Heck are We?

Do you find news and current events dull, boring, confusing?

You are not alone!

We at USDemocrazy are completely confused. But we want to change and we have a mission.

Our goal… to be only partially confused.

With the help of a ragtag but enthusiastic group of student bloggers, we are trying to decipher the quirks and quandaries of current events.

We scan the web for information on the important, curious and funny news of the day.

We then try to share what we have learned with you… in language that is understandable to all.

Our job is to make normally dull but important information about our world and our democracy, fun.

Our motto (In Latin no less!): Veni, Risi, Percepi.

Translated: I came, I laughed, I learned.

USDemocrazy is edited by renowned editorial cartoonist Kevin KAL Kallaugher and staffed by brilliant band of vagabonding bloggateers from the University of Maryland,Baltimore County (UMBC). USDemocrazy was born and nurtured at UMBC’s Imaging Research Center (IRC). The Sondheim scholars program supplies additional support (and the occasional pizza) to the USDemocrazy team.

UMBC is a public research university of over 13,000 really interesting students located between Baltimore and Washington, DC.  Working alongside creative faculty, UMBC students come up with all kinds of projects you wouldn’t expect college students to run—like USDemocrazy. In fact, the site—brought to you by majors in political science, visual arts, history and more—is just one example of how UMBC students find ways to learn and get creative beyond the classroom.

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