A Bibi BooBoo? | USDemocrazy

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin "Bibi"Netanyahu is no stranger to criticism and outcry.

But even the testy Netanyahu may have gone a step too far this time.

The Israeli prime minister recently announced his intention to ignore diplomatic protocol and accept an invitation by Republicans to address the U.S. Congress on March 3. Netanyahu has been weary (to put it mildly), of Obama's efforts to strike a deal with Tehran regarding its nuclear development program. Bibi's primary goal was to use the forum to speak out against Barack Obama's policy.

Yet not all of Capitol Hill will be offering Bibi the royal welcome. Vice-President Joe Biden said that he will be out of town on March 3, though he was silent on the details . Democrat members of the House of Representatives have declared that they will be absent as well .

U.S. lawmakers are not alone in displaying their feelings against Netanyahu's speech. The director of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, Abraham Foxman, said that Netanyahu ought to cancel the visit . Even center-left Israeli legislators have expressed dissent, accussing Bibi of playing politics at the risk of further damaging U.S.-Israeli relations .

Whether Netanyahu heeds to the mounting critiques and stays home remains to be seen.

He won't, however, be able to expect a warm welcome if he stays the course.